• Manifesto

    They call us meticulous and maniacs. And nothing has ever made us happier.
    Because we have been roaming the world to discover the futur of consumers behaviors, we have been creating marketing strategies and we have been designing smart communication campaigns since 2008. We guaranty the satisfaction of our clients and our quality standards at all levels. Even at the cost of putting a bit too much work, passion and obsession in all our creations.



SWiTCH helps you to define your marketing and digital communication strategy. Our goal is to design amazing customers experiences online & offline.


to define your positioning, your targets, your customers, your brand platform, your marketing and communication actions plan, etc.

Qualitative & Quantitative Market studies

to audit and benchmark your brand / product / service, understand the behavior and expectations of your customers or to set up your business in new markets in Europe, North America and abroad.


to always be one step ahead and understand how your customers will behave in the next twenty years.

Community Management

to develop and manage your online communities.

E-reputation Management

to design your image and protect your reputation online.

Experiential Marketing

to promote your brand, products or services through the coolest event.

Training & Coaching

to develop your team’s skills.

PR and PR 2.0

To create, maintain and develop relationships with your targeted audiences (influencers, bloggers, experts, etc.) and to establish impactful and influencing strategies.


They put their trust in us :


SWITCH won the 2006 Youth Challenge Award (category “Creation of economic activity”) created by the french Ministry of Health, Youth, Sports and Community life.

SWiTCH won the 5th place at the Communication Awards 2014 for Best Communication Campaign for a public organization.

SWiTCH won the 2nd place at the Communication Awards 2015 for Best Communication Campaign for a public organization.

SWiTCH is the 2016 Cluster Mountain Trophy Finalist (cat. Mountain Performing).

About us

Riders Around The World

Between 2005 and 2008, we completed a world tour of ski resorts as part of Riders Around The World®., a french NGO. During this amazing trip experience, we conducted a qualitative, quantitative, technical and benchmarking study in 274 mountain destinations in 27 countries on 5 continents. Back home, we wanted to share our expertise and all the best practices with our clients in the tourism and action sports industries.


Our mission is to help brands and destinations tell their story effectively and create exciting experiences to connect with their tribes in meaningful ways. We could explain you we worked for the best companies – and it’s true! – bla bla bla, but that’s what everybody does! So we prefer to tell you what drives us to want to work with you.

Our purpose is to inspire and make a better world. We take initiative, trust our gut and try to create revolution in our work.

We challenge the status quo since 2008.

We don’t want to work with you because of your money. Even if it would be nice to be paid… 😉 We want to work with you because you have awesome projects and we’d love to contribute to make your brand have a positive impact on the world. Because your brand is amazing and the world needs to know that.

Our purpose is to inspire and make a better world.

Networks and mobility are one of the key to success in our changing world. That’s why we are active in the following organizations:


“What makes or breaks a business, it’s its team.” We would bet that you’ve heard it so much that it has become unbearable! We are not proud of it, but we must tell the truth: we completely agree with that statement… and not only in speech, in fact too!

SWITCH is an agency with real people in it: guys, girls, hyper rigorous consultants, fun creatives, and even geeks (but no nerds), small, tall, smiling, and grumpy in the morning (but they get better as to the day). In short, people with varied training and life-courses.

All different, yes, but with some common features: a boundless enthusiasm and advanced skills in their profession to serve our clients. Small detail by the way, we are all amateurs who are mountain biking, canyoning, climbing and especially skiing, snowboarding and telemark (but snowblades don’t even think about it!).

You want to join us? Do not be afraid! We’ve never bitten anyone and we respond within a reasonable time. Send us your resume (in PDF format, video or even flash code) and your cover letter!

We are currently looking for : 



A project? A question? Want to say ‘Hi!’ and meet our creative team? We’ll be happy to welcome and show you around!

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Cell. : + 33 (0) 675 705 859

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