What makes or breaks a business, it’s its team.” We would bet that you’ve heard it so much that it has become unbearable! We are not proud of it, but we must tell the truth: we completely agree with that statement… and not only in speech, in fact too!

SWITCH is an agency with real people in it: guys, girls, hyper rigorous consultants, fun creatives, and even geeks (but no nerds), small, tall, smiling, and grumpy in the morning (but they get better as to the day). In short, people with varied training and life-courses.

All different, yes, but with some common features: a boundless enthusiasm and advanced skills in their profession to serve our clients. Small detail by the way, we are all amateurs who are mountain biking, canyoning, climbing and especially skiing, snowboarding and telemark (but snowblades don’t even think about it!).

You want to join us? Do not be afraid! We’ve never bitten anyone and we respond within a reasonable time. Send us your resume (in PDF format, video or even flash code) and your cover letter!