SWiTCH (n.m) English word that can be used in various fields:

  • In computing, a switch refers to a network switch, that equipment allows the interconnection of entities.
  • In sport, “switch riding” indicates to board or to ski backwards.
  • « To switch » means an exchange or a radical change.

From 2005 to 2008, we completed a world tour of ski resorts with Riders Around The World®. On this occasion, we conducted a qualitative, quantitative, technical and benchmarking study in 274 mountain resorts in 27 countries on 5 continents. Back home, we wanted to share our expertise and observations of best practices in the world with tourism stakeholders, sport and recreation.

SWiTCH is an experiential marketing and digital communication agency specialized in tourism and action sports brands.

Our mission is to help brands and destinations tell their story effectively and create exciting experiences to connect with their tribes in meaningful ways. We could explain you we worked for the best companies – and it’s true! – bla bla bla, but that’s what everybody does! So we prefer to tell you what drives us to want to work with you.

We don’t want to work with you because of your money. Even if it would be nice to be paid… 😉 We want to work with you because you have awesome projects and we’d love to contribute to make your brand have a positive impact on the world. Because your brand is amazing and the world needs to know that.

Our purpose is to inspire and make a better world. We take initiative, trust our gut and try to create revolution in our work.

We challenge the status quo since 2008.

envie_agirMinistère de la jeunesse des sports et de la vie associative

SWITCH won the 2006 Youth Challenge Award (category “Creation of economic activity”) created by the french Ministry of Health, Youth, Sports and Community life.